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Restaurants near Burwood

Top Restaurants & Cafes in and Around Burwood

Burwood is well-known for its restaurants and cafes offering sumptuous delicacies and amazing drinks from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a simple place to dine with your family or to experience a luxurious eat-all-you-can adventure with friends, you can’t go wrong with these top restaurants and cafes in and around Burwood.

Legend Hotpot Buffet

If you want a casual dine-in experience or mix up your palate in a gastronomic feast for only $58/pp, then Legend Hotpot Buffet is just your right treat! Located at Emerald Square in Belmore Street, it offers an extensive selection of luscious Asian delicacies.

You can enjoy a homey ambience while cooking your soup, meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes right at your own table. Can’t wait to eat? No problem. Simply pick from their hot food station servings and eat right away. Start off with their multiple choices of soup base like half pickled vegetable broth and delve into their seafood delights like scallops, king prawns,  fish fillets, and salmon as the main serving.

If you are a “meatatarian”, have a chew of their Sichuan-style chicken, beef, lamb, and pork cuts. End your feast with a choice of fresh fruits like watermelon and grapes, or homemade delicacies like crispy biscuits, egg tart, macaroon, sweet roll, or a strawberry pudding for a gratifying dessert.

Base and Bowl

Base & Bowl captivates guests from all over the busy Burwood Street by combining the best of both authentic Italian and Egyptian cuisines has to offer. As you step into Base & Bowl premises, you will be energized with the dazzling red walls and love the reclaimed wood accents. You’ll also feel passionate about the drop lights that give a homey ambience.

This restaurant also offers a place where you can have that casual meal every fortnight alone or with friends, while partygoers celebrate at the courtyard. Savour a simple vegan dish with their stuffed zucchini with rice, onion, and fresh herbs. Then, highlight it with a creamy garlic prawn dish in an oozing Napoletana dip before delving into a heartier meal.

For the main course, go for the authentic Egyptian Liver Eskandrani or slow-cooked Egyptian Yearling Beef Shawarma, marinated in secret spices and yogurt for a more developed flavor. Before you sip their fresh charcoal-cooked Egyptian coffee, don’t skip their best tasting Italian delights such as penne marinara, linguini, braciole, and bolognese.

Rusty Rabbit

When in Burwood, a visit to Rusty Rabbit café and restaurant to fulfill an enormous brunch desire is an absolute must. Cherish a warm family atmosphere while relaxing over a cup of full and rich coffee, or relish their delightful breakfast servings like the oregano herbed bread complimented with fresh slices of cucumber, tomatoes, olives, mint, and labneh.

If you are craving for an exquisite dessert, devour on the double-stacked cronut drizzled in Nutella and chocolate, topped with Maltesers and strawberries. Their serving of corn fritters with feta and watermelon is also superb. Leave a room so you can try a generous serving of their incredibly fluffy cheesecake pancake, complimented with maple syrup, blueberries, and strawberries.

Beyond the rabbit-speed service, affordable prices, and Instagramable food presentations, the culinary flavors in this cafe will certainly speak for itself. Rusty Rabbit is located at the Emerald Square in Belmore Street.

Check-in at Comfort Inn & Suites Burwood

Whichever of these top restaurants and cafes in and around Burwood you choose, your taste buds are in for a real treat. So, why not try all of them?  If you’re visiting Burwood, go ahead and extend your stay to experience the Asian delicacies, Mediterranean dishes, Italian cuisine, and African food. The best place that offers premium accommodation for holidaymakers in Burwood is Comfort Inn & Suites.

Just a stone’s throw away from the busy Burwood Street,  Comfort Inn & Suites will give you the best access to these top restaurants and cafes. Whether you’re travelling alone or with your family, our motel has a wide range of accommodation that includes two-bedroom suites, studio apartment, and two-storey townhouse that will make your stay in Burwood as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Book online today or call Comfort Inn & Suites at 02 9744 0521 and stay closer to the top restaurants and cafes in and around Burwood. For any other enquiries fill out our contact form.

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